Are you getting the right candidates for to join your Dealership Team?

High attrition at the dealerships is a fact. Are you attracting the right talent to your dealership and reduce the attrition rate? Increase employee retention and attract right talent with greater efficiency and speed.

Beefup your Dealership Team with right staff

We have the right solution to today's dealerships staffing concerns on retaining the best staff while reducing the cost.

The platform consists of a Custom Dealer Branded Job Board with ability to add jobs and accept resumes from potential candidates.

Easily integrates with the dealerships other system including HR processes and system.

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Platform Benefits (partial list)

  • Reduce Employee Acquistion Cost
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Supplement Your Online Presence
  • Greater Efficiency in Managing Applicants
  • Enchance Dealership SEO
  • Applicant Scoring
  • Social Media Job Posts
  • Integrations With Other Job Boards