In-Store Review Platform for Automotive Dealers

The Automotive Advertising Network (AAN) today announced that they will be unveiling groundbreaking in-store review platform at the upcoming 2012 NADA Convention.

One of the defining features of the new AAN consumer review platform is that it makes it possible for dealers to syndicate their consumer reviews across multiple sites with just the click of a button. Now consumer reviews that are written online can be automatically duplicated to the dealer’s main website as well as any additional dealer blog sites on Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad, Ning, etc.

The AAN consumer review tool also gives dealers the ability to create special review pages on their website for sales, parts and service. The new feature is compatible with most vendor websites.

“Dealers now have an option to own their reviews and more importantly influence ZMOT by syndicating them online,” says Ananth Godavari, CEO of the AAN.

Syndication of consumer reviews like the AAN now allows for is incredibly valuable for a dealer’s SEO and reviews in general are a top ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) influencer. Owning multiple web assets, like AAN members do, that showcase a dealer’s reviews and ratings, is one of the most effective way to capture a consumer’s attention online.

The new review platform being unveiled at NADA is free to AAN members.

About the Automotive Advertising Network

The AAN is the industry’s first optimized, dealer-centric network with no third-party ads, designed to promote car dealers’ inventories on national, regional, local and specialty sites.

Developed by industry experts Brian Pasch, Sean Wolfington, David Boice and Ananth Godavari, the AAN is a comprehensive digital marketing and branding platform that utilizes proven practices in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), inventory advertising, social media and content publishing to advertise and sell dealer inventory.

Using these proven SEO strategies, the AAN helps dealers establish high quality, exclusive leads for less money, translating into higher closing ratios and lower costs for the dealers. Plus, unlike traditional third party lead collectors, the dealer’s own inventory-listing pages are free of competing ads.

The AAN has changed the playing field for dealers who have typically had to compete with national third- party lead providers who have long had an advantage on the search engines because of their national footprint and corresponding search authority.