Most Sophisticated Software built on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help you sell more.

AI (artificial Intelligence) based software to identify strengths and weakneses and design an action plan to Acheive Financial Success by utilizing the various sales categories in your dealership.

GPS to your Dealership Financial Success

Customized sales action plan and acountability software from Money Mind Mapp increases sales and track your salespeople based on a complex artificial intelligent (AI) software.

Money Mind Mapp comes in various flavors to effectively manage you sales and BDC department. With clear and logical reporting, you are now able to optimize your sales process and sell more cars at a lower cost.

Our software works with all major automotive platforms like CRM, DMS out there to make your sales and bdc team more productive.

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Platform Benefits (partial list)

  • SWOT Analysis to sell more
  • Action Plans to realize more sales
  • Achieve Unit Goals
  • Make More Money
  • World Class Service & Support
  • Integrations with Other Systems
  • Gamification
  • Leaderboards and Intelligent Reports