IntelliFusion Mooding - Social Media APp Development

Its about you!, Your Moods! and your friends!

Mooding is a social mood sharing platform created for users to share their moods on the web including on other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. is a real-time entertainment network that lets you post how you feel at any point in time 24/7 and leave a brief comment about your chosen mood. Find your friends, family and anyone of your interest and start following their trends and moods. It’s that easy, post your mood, your comment and start enjoying this stress-free interaction. was developed by a team of experts with hearts of gold and a futuristic vision about what a fun-driven social media should be. Right now is getting populated all over the world and it will soon be available in multiple languages.

We are proud to say that other major Social platforms like FaceBook and Google Plus have embraced the importance of mood sharing. These platform have integrated mood sharing into their platform a few months after was released to general public.

Signup for a free account at, you can use your existing social accounts or create a new one on mooding.

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